Make a difference

As long as inequality persist, none of us can truly rest


Tanya’s Place is a social club and entertainment center for people with special needs, as well as the general population ages 5 and up. Tanya’s Place was created to promote inclusion in a social setting from a place of love and acceptance for all people. Tanya’s Place has activities for all ages and levels of ability.

What We Offer

Tanya’s Place offers a variety of activities such as game nights, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, VR- Virtual Reality Headsets, PlayStation, board games, themed parties, dance parties, karaoke/open mic nights, movie nights, bingo, sensory play, skill-building, and drop-off services. We have something for everyone!
Rentals are also available, perfect for business meetings, corporate events, networking events, private parties, and celebrations. Contact us for more information!

Americans live with a Disability
People that are Disabled Globally
Disabled Neglected in Daily Life

Our values

Committed to Caring those society ignores.

What We Offer

Game nights, themed parties, dance parties, karaoke/open mic nights, and movie nights are just some of the activities, just to name a few.


Together we make all the difference

Change a life today

So come along for the ride and join our incredible adventures! Volunteer and open yourself to service with a greater reward than you could’ve imagined. Don’t miss out on being apart of our team – and impacting a Specially Gifted person’s life today!